A Generation Y Guide to Social Media History

It’s not-so-casual Thursday in the office.

By Amanda Festa

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We would be lost without the internet. Even the information for this post was — like everything else — acquired in part by ‘Googling’ it, which is a real verb, people. Wrap your mind around that.

Let’s take a look back at the long, data-fueled, social media-driven road that has led us to where we are today — checking our Facebook pages every fifteen minutes, during which you saw me post this link and felt the need to click on it instead of doing something productive. Luckily, this post includes a valuable history lesson and not just a Tumblr of cat GIFs. Continue reading

So, You Want to be a Fangirl?

FangirlBy Kyle

So, you are thinking about becoming a fangirl. Now, let’s think this through… We don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Jane applying for this position. Before you do anything drastic, answer the questions below to see if you can handle the job. Continue reading

Live from Nashville, Tennessee: This is The NEW Bobby Bones Show…

858823_595555737125801_1907763605_oBy Kyle

I first heard The Bobby Bones Show on my morning drive to work at a new job, and in a new state. My initial reaction was “talk radioooooo” (in my best whiny Sal voice), but decided to stay put: half because I didn’t know any other stations, and half because the theme song for their “What Year Was It” segment was so darn catchy. I’m so glad I did, because even though they will never know it, they were my first three friends in Southwest Florida. ( I know…how pathetic). Continue reading

10 Reasons to Watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries — Right Now!

By Cara

I stumbled upon this web series mid-2012 on The Hairpin’s recommendation.  I have been a lover of Jane Austen (or “JA”) books, but especially of Pride & Prejudice (“P&P”), since that time we were forced to read it back in the 11th grade.  I’ve kept up with all things JA and P&P in various forms, but mostly fan fiction boards.  At one time, I even tried to adapt P&P to the modern day (I don’t think I made it passed the fifth chapter).  Others have done it successfully — in writing — but the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is the first time anyone attempted to do a modern-day adaptation on screen (okay, that’s not exactly true, we can’t forget about Bridget Jones’ Diary). Continue reading


By Cara

I’ve recently embraced online web series as a way to pass the time when there’s nothing on television, which is actually more often than you realize.  I found out about the web series Cybergeddon during the Streamy Awards, where Missy Peregrym won for Best Female Performance in a Drama.  She’s the only reason I watch ABC’s Rookie Blue in the off-season (read: summer, when there’s really nothing on TV).  So I gave Cybergeddon a chance because she’s kick-ass, and would never steer me wrong. Continue reading