So, You Want to be a Fangirl?

FangirlBy Kyle

So, you are thinking about becoming a fangirl. Now, let’s think this through… We don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Jane applying for this position. Before you do anything drastic, answer the questions below to see if you can handle the job.

1. Do you have the mental and physical ability to take on this task? It calls for long work hours, tedious amounts of research, and having a thick skin (twitter fights can get really intense).

2.  Are you readily available to partake in all forms of social media including, but not limited to, facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, youtube, and tumblr? Can you make a GIF? You better learn.

3. Do you produce drawings, sketch books, poems and stories for the object of your fangirl affection to send to them on twitter?  And, if that is not enough (and nothing is ever enough), are you willing to bring a compilation of your work to him/her/them at a show or appearance?

4. Do you break down and cry as soon as your ‘idol’ walks in front of you or, better yet, hugs you?

5. Does your daily routine include checking each status update, tweet, and mention on a revolving basis?

6. Do you work on getting your “idol” as a trending topic on Twitter?

7. Do you ask for follows or replies more than you say hi to your own mother?

8. Do you own every piece of merchandise that you can get your hands on, even if you had to order it from another country?

9. Do you wait in front of their tour bus hoping to get a small glimpse?

10. Have you ever written fan fiction? Don’t know what fan fiction is? No? Well then I wouldn’t apply for this job.

If you answered YES to all of this questions…you are in! Entering the world of fangirling can be exciting and strange (with an emphasis on strange), but it does help connect people around the world who all love a certain person or group. I am an old school fangirl. Social media was not around when I was in my *NSYNC and Dawson’s Creek phase, but believe me, if it was Joshua Jackson would have blocked me ages ago. Fangirling can be very fun, but listen ladies, don’t let it consume your life. I know it is a good distraction from the real world but you should make your own memories as well. So leave those electronics for a little bit and explore the world…but don’t go for too long because we need your talents in the field!

Looking for a fangirl specialty? Join an existing group. Here are some ideas:

TWFanmily: The Wanted
Directioners: 1 Direction
Little Monsters: Lady Gaga
The Beyhive (Beys): Beyonce
Smilers: Miley Cyrus
Beliebers: Justin Beiber
Swifties: Taylor Swift
Lovatics: Demi Lovato
Selenators: Selena Gomez
Hayniacs: Hunter Hayes
Lambs: Mariah Carey
Barbies: Nikki Minaj
Katycats: Katy Perry
Rihanna Navy: Rihanna
Hooligans: Bruno Mars
Animals: Kesha

Who would you join or which group are you already a part of? We would love to hear!

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