Why the True Blood Finale Got it Wrong


It’s really over.

By Amanda Festa

My biggest problem with the True Blood finale was not what you may think. Sure, it was a little slow paced and had a tragic lack of Viking abs, but my main problem was this: on a show that lauded differences, pushed the metaphor of “embracing your light” to dramatically literal proportions, and made a central theme of the equal value of all relationships, the ending paid a surprising amount of lip service to the idea that the purpose of life is procreation.

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Confessions of a (New) Battlestar Galactica Fangirl

Battlestar Galactica

By Amanda Festa

Battlestar Galactica was one of those TV shows that somehow slipped through the cracks for me when it originally aired. I don’t know how it happened, but it shouldn’t have. I love sci-fi, almost anything that airs on SyFy, spaceships, chicks who save the world, robots, universe building and anything with strong character development. Not watching was a mistake and gods dammit, it had to be rectified. So, in a little over a month, I watched four seasons of what I can now say with certainty is some of the best television has to offer. Also, if anyone knows where I can get a replica Six dress, please let me know.

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Thoughts from a Walking Dead Fangirl

Random musings on the show, my undying (undead?) love of Daryl and why Carol is my spirit animal.

By Amanda Festa

The Walking DeadI joined the ranks of The Walking Dead fans late to the game.  I was too busy with vampires and werewolves; did I really have time for zombies too? The answer should have always been a resounding yes.  Forgo sleep and responsibilities and watch three seasons back to back, pausing only to work, sleep, eat and minimally socialize. (An outing with me during this month-long process found me bleary eyed, diffusing questions about my work week with follow-up commentary on Michonne’s jawless entourage.) Continue reading

Loving a Succubus Ain’t Easy

Bo and DysonBy Amanda Festa

[Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers to Lost Girl episodes 3×07 and 3×09]

I recently got into the supernatural fantasy Lost Girl – and by “got into” I mean, methodically ran through the first two seasons on Netflix.  The show is reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all grown up – similarly campy, self-aware, entertaining and just great escapist television. Continue reading

In Defense of the “Bad” Vampire

By Amanda Festa

SpikeI don’t know what has happened in recent years. It appears that the supernatural community has gotten together in an effort to overhaul their dodgy reputation with a brooding emotionally damaged poster boy.  But guess what, I don’t recall Dracula whining to Mina Harker about how he’s so sorry for all of the unnecessary deaths and really wants to change.

If the memo got lost somewhere between Transylvania and Mystic Falls, here it is:  Vampires are bad. By definition.  And still we are bombarded with these vampire characters put into boxes. They are vampires, they are all bad.  It is in their undead DNA to drink human blood. It doesn’t come in cartons.  And pigs’ blood is like soy milk – you can totally tell the difference. Continue reading