Save The Date: The Top Ten Television Proposals

eBy Kyle Leahy

Okay admit it, you’ve cried way more over your favorite television characters getting engaged than your closest friends. Now you’re thinking, “I’m a horrible person”- not at all- writers are looking to unleash your emotions through their words. The better the writer, the better the characters, which can ultimately lead to one amazing proposal. So grab that box of tissues and lets look back at my top ten best television proposals.

10. Blair and Chuck- Gossip Girl

In the series finale of Gossip Girl,  Uncle Jack encourages Chuck to propose to Blair so she couldn’t testify against him in court for killing his father. STOP I know what you are thinking which is why it’s only #10 on my list. It wasn’t the over the top romantic proposal that the audience would expect from the outrageous, but beautiful courtship between Blair and Chuck. However, the proposal did embrace their turbulent relationship in which Blair points out “You said you never wanted us to be boring.” No I guess getting married to avoid jail isn’t boring at all. I would have liked a little more Chuck and Blair grandeur, and a little less Uncle Jack (ewe), but when he got down on one knee and said “Blair Cornelia Waldorf, will you marry me?” a little tear fell from my eye.

9. David and Donna- Beverly Hills, 90210

I always was a little bit disappointed with proposals on Beverly Hills 90210 (coughKelly&Brandoncough) because it always seemed fake and out of nowhere. While this also could be said about David and Donna’s engagement, they always seemed to have this connection that lasted even when apart. David and Donna represented the “cute” high school couple. David, being a year younger, put Donna on a pedestal, and the audience was shocked to learn that Donna was saving herself for marriage (which we all know that didn’t happen), but she did save herself for David. Even though they weren’t together the last couple years of the show, we knew that eventually these two crazy rich kids would end up together. David proposes to Donna by writing a love note in the sand. So sweet and so 90210.

8. Nathan and Haley- One Tree Hill

Who really cares about the Brooke-Lucas-Payton love triangle when there is Nathan and Haley. This couple takes it up a notch with not one but TWO proposals during the series. The first proposal comes very sudden to the characters and the audience. I mean they are 16, in high school, and not pregnant so what gives? Although it didn’t make much sense at the time (except Hayley wouldn’t put out until he put a ring on it), we all accepted it because Hayley, class nerd, changed the bad boy athlete, Nathan and isn’t that what all girls want, to be the reason for the guy to change? The second proposal was a little better because after a year of being apart, the two reconcile after the school shooting and decide to renew their vows in front of all their friends this time. Nathan even steals Hayley’s ring to give to her again. Always and Forever.

7. Michael Scott and Holly- The Office

Straying away from the young teen love, my next favorite proposal (that took years in the making) was The Office’s Michael Scott’s proposal to HR Manager, Holly. Oh poor Michael Scott, always the bridesmaid and never the bride. All he ever really wanted in life was to get married and have children so then he will always have people who care about him (tear). Year after year, women after women, you see Michael try to make any type of relationship work, and then he finally meets his match in Holly. When Holly arrives in Dunder-Mifflin on the first day, the audience can tell that Michael has finally met his match, and eventually his soul mate, and even though it took a couple years he finally gets to the chance to propose. The proposal is in total Michael fashion (luckily he decided against doing the gasoline and fire idea), and he asks for Holly’s hand in the office surrounded by millions of candles with the fire sprinklers going off. Holly says yes and they kiss in the “rain”. Michael got his ultimate movie moment but in the comfort of his home, Dunder-Mifflin.

 6. Cory and Topanga- Boy Meets World

Boy meets world then boy meets girl. Everyone knew that Corey and Topanga would eventually end up together (even with that whole ski bunny incident- shame on you Cory Matthews!). However, I don’t think anyone saw the proposal coming during their high school graduation. When everyone stood at the end of commencement, Topanga pulled Corey down and asked him to marry her. WHATTT. Although they didn’t end up getting to much later down the road (remember that eye twitch), it really showed the character of Topanga by taking charge and asking Cory to marry her. She always knew what she wanted out of life, and she made it quite clear on that graduation stage.

 5. Lorelai and Luke- Gilmore Girls

Another one of the “older” couples, Lorelai and Luke could never seem to get it together. Their flirty banter made everyone hopeful that one day Luke would get down on one knee and propose. Well don’t hold your breath, I mean it’s Luke Danes people, he can hardly make a decision on a color to paint the diner. Luckily Lorelai knows what she wants and goes for it. After a massive fight with Rory and her parents, Lorelai rushes to Luke at the diner, gets down on one knee, and proposes. He says yes (duh), but they never seem to make it down the aisle, and the two eventually break up over trust issues (oh and that pesky Christopher thing). In the series finale, Luke sets up a huge going away party for Lorelai’s daughter, Rory and he finally makes his move, he says “I just want to see you happy” and isn’t that so much better than “Will You Marry Me?” Can we get that movie now?

 4. Charlie and the Waitress- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

No one just writes a musical for no reason right? In this episode of Always Sunny, Charlie gets the gang together to perform a musical, written by himself, called The Nightman Cometh. In this award winning performance, the gang tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a princess waitress, he defeats the nightman and the troll, and saves the damsel-in-distress. At the end of the play, unbeknownst to the rest of the gang, Charlie in a bright yellow suit comes down onto the stage and confesses that he is the day man, and he wrote this play for the waitress (who is sitting front row center). He sings for her hand in matrimony which she replies “is it over” and lets him know that she will never marry him. Bonus: The actors who play Charlie and the waitress are married in real life. So don’t feel too bad for him.

3. Jim and Pam- The Office

Jim and Pam, the epitome of an office romance. In the first season Jim Halpert fell head over heals in love with the receptionist, Pam Beesley. Their silly antics and cute glances made the audience root for them. There are so many great moments between the two: their first kiss on poker night, Pam confessing her love at the retreat, and finally Jim asking her if she was busy this weekend for their first date. Their proposal was nothing grandiose because they are just normal people, like you and me. While Pam was away at art school, Jim tells her to meet him at the service station halfway between NYC and Scranton. In the middle of the tanks during a complete downpour Jim gets down on one knee and proposes to the love of his life. He couldn’t wait one minute longer to spend the rest of his life with her. Although this wasn’t during the proposal, Jim says the best line about his feelings towards Pam at the camera during their wedding. He says, “I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we’d need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.”

2. Monica and Chandler- Friends

Poor commitment-phobe Chandler finally gets the nerves to propose to Monica in the sixth season of Friends. However, in an effort to trick Monica into thinking marriage is the last thing on his mind, he leads Monica to an old ex, Richard, who does seem ready now for marriage and kids. Whoops! Chandler rushes to Richard’s apartment to stop Monica from choosing Richard over him. He tells Richard that he had his chance and lost her, and now it is their time. Richard tells Chandler to go get her and never let go. He rushes back to the apartment where Joey tells him that Monica has left to do some thinking, but when he opens the door and sees the candles, he knows that’s not the case. Monica is kneeling on the ground and unable to talk without crying then she stutters “There’s a reason why girls don’t do this!” So Chandler joins her on the ground and proposes to her. Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe all rush in to celebrate. Best Friends proposal hands down (sorry Ross, I guess you need more practice).

1. Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen- Friday Night Lights

Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen represent the most honest portrayal of real high school love that I’ve seen on scripted television. In the first season, Matt Saracen,  QB2 at the time, was trying to replace superstar quarterback, Jason Street, after his paralyzing accident on the field. While training, Matt becomes very close to Coach Taylor (Julie’s dad) and looks to him as a mentor/father figure. While it’s not always best to date the coach’s daughter, Matt’s love for Julie stems pass his need for reassurance on the football field. I can still hear him say “Julie Taylor” in his cute Texan accent. On the other hand, Julie was a hard girl to get close to, she always seemed to keep her distance from everyone but especially from football players. In the course of their wooing, Julie learns that Matt has a lot more to him than just being a quarterback. They fall completely in love, and even when they break up when Matt goes off to Chicago and Julie goes to college, everyone knew they would always come back to each other in the end. In the series finale, Matt returns home for Christmas and takes Julie out to their favorite hangout, the Alamo Freeze. He gets down on one knee and tells her he wants to be with her forever and proposes. He forgot one pesky thing though…to ask Coach Taylor first. Despite Julie’s parents worries, she reassures them she knows in her heart he’s her soul mate, and Tami (her mother) finally sees it too, and lets her go.