So, You Want to be a Fangirl?

FangirlBy Kyle

So, you are thinking about becoming a fangirl. Now, let’s think this through… We don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Jane applying for this position. Before you do anything drastic, answer the questions below to see if you can handle the job. Continue reading

Thoughts from a Veronica Mars FanGirl

By Cara

I didn’t want my first post to be something akin to ‘omg, I’m an obsessed Veronica Mars fangirl!!!’ — but here I am, admitting to being an obsessed Veronica Mars fangirl. Yes, that’s me, watching reruns on SOAPNet on Saturday afternoons even though I own the DVDs and feel ambivalent about the third (and last) season. Maybe I secretly hoped that in some way, somehow it would come back and resolve itself, nicely wrapped up in a big, red bow. Continue reading