Summer By Bravo — What to Watch

By Kyle

Princesses of Long Island

Bravo has introduced a couple new reality shows to the mix this summer, including Newlyweds: The First Year, Below Deck, and my particular favorite, Princesses of Long Island (love to hate, obvs).

Princesses Popping Pills

Last week the princesses left their castle and headed to Chanel’s Hamptons house for a girls’ getaway. The girls are all ready to get their drink on, but wait it’s Friday night, we need to get that pesky Shabbat dinner over with first. Thankfully, Chanel baked some Challah bread to soak up all the alcohol (and insecurities). Who knew that Shabbat dinner could be so much fun?! I think I’m ready to convert now (Mazel, Andy!) The next night the girls head out to the hottest night club in the Hamptons and get so wasted that they think it’s okay to pass around prescription pills. News flash! — It is against the law to share prescription drugs with your pals. Adderall is not a party favor handed out at the end of the night like a Monster Energy drink, especially if a camera crew is following you around.

Newlyweds: The Geriatric Edition

Newlyweds: The First YearBravo’s new show Newlyweds takes us into the lives of four different couples for their first year of marriage. The best couple of the show? Hands down—Jeff and Blair, who are in a real committed relationship that focuses on respecting one another. Ironically, the only gay couple on the show have the best relationship — take that right wing conservative anti-gay marriage groups! On last week’s episode we went from hot, young newlyweds to the retirement home. How awkward was that dinner with Tina’s dad and his new girlfriend?They couldn’t keep their hands off each other —  and not in a good way. For Tina’s sake, I hope that dinner was scripted because how could you watch your strict Indian father, who BTW never even kissed her mother in front of her, act like a 14-year-old boy who just discovered girls. Why not take a page from the Princesses and pass around that Viagra bottle!?

All Hands Below Deck!

Below DeckYachts, parties, and wealth can be interesting but what about all the people who work behinds the scenes? On July 1st, Bravo will introduce a new program showing the lives of a crew living and working on a multi-million dollar yacht. Below Deck will follow 8 crew members going about their daily activities and the drama that ensues while working a high-stress job on the high seas! Although they are living in paradise, the crew only gets to enjoy it one night a week (and believe me they enjoy it). It looks like lots of drama will erupt this season (even the boat catches on fire!), and someone eventually gets kicked off the ship. Bravo is showing a “Meet the Cast” segment if you catch it — if not. we will see you on board in July!