Kickstarting the Veronica Mars Revolution

Veronica MarsBy Amanda Festa

Remember all those times you were talking about the possibility of a Veronica Mars movie? All those times you said, “man, I would pay to see that.”  Well, hopefully last week you put your money where your mouth is.  It seems about 50,000 other people have. 

There has been quite the debate rolling around about this game changer in filmmaking.  Kristen Bell, a successful actress asking fans for money to make a movie.  The Kickstarter video is shot in a house most VMars viewers will never be able to afford – should we really be funding the project?  Yet, this is a movie that fans have wanted for some time.  And the fact that Kristen Bell, a successful actress, who does not need this movie for her career, is so psyched and passionate about it is amazing.  Sarah Michelle Gellar has yet to duplicate the success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she’s not campaigning to bring it back in film form. (Seriously, SMG, be Buffy again. Please?)

Television fans are the best fans, and after watching a show for so many years you do inadvertently get attached to characters.  When Veronica Mars ended so abruptly it was worse than The Sopranos cut to black, because it wasn’t suppose to end that way.  I am of the mind where the only thing worse than a bad series finale is no series finale.  I actually can appreciate an ambiguous series ending, and do like a little mystery better than when everything is tied up with a montage-filled bow.  Yet, with Veronica Mars it was pretty clear that they were not prepared just then for the end.  The last episode would have made a mediocre season finale at best.  What happens to Keith? Do Veronica and Logan get back together? Does she really end up with Piz?  These are questions VMars fans have had some time to mull over and, after five plus years, we are still asking them.  So what happened?  We might not know yet, but apparently we will pay to find out.

The Kickstarter video, featuring cast members Jason Doehring (Logan), Ryan Hansen (Dick) and Enrico Colantoni (Keith), filled me with anticipation of more Logan and Veronica banter and hopefully a final reconciliation.  From the video, it seems safe to say that Jason Doehring has not lost his ability for witty repartee.  And I for one am looking forward to more Dick Casablancas – a character that was just scratching the surface as the show wrapped up.  Had it gone a couple more seasons I think he would have ended up one of TV’s most dynamic characters.

As I peruse the Kickstarter out of curiosity for what incentives the cast will offer, I think the idea of a VMars star recording you a voicemail message is great.  If I had an extra $350 floating around I would love an inspirational outgoing message in the vein of Logan’s cellular words of wisdom: “Adversity is the diamond dust with which heaven polishes its jewels.”

While I think the incentives are great, the only one I’m having a bit of an issue with is that for $400 Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas will follow you on Twitter.  For one year.  Ummm, ok.  So, basically, I’ll get an actress and producer to have my random thoughts pop up on their Twitter feed?  If you are going to do that, at least throw in a minimum of 15 retweets, 5 responses, 2 #FF and a direct message for good measure.  You will follow me for a year?  I mean, sure, there are people on Twitter whose main concern is having celebrities “follow them,” so okay, it’s supply and demand.  But it’s kind of like letting someone sit at the “cool kids” table in the cafeteria, but not talking to them or making direct eye contact.  Throw in a couple courtesy laughs and a bite of your sandwich and we might be on to something.  For that much money, just give me my Veronica Mars t-shirt, a digital copy of the film, and Jason Doehring saying something that teeters the line of “good taste” on my voicemail, and I am a happy camper.