5 Things We Loved This Week – Wk. of March 10, 2013

The Vampire Diaries

1.  Will the real Amanda Clarke please stand up? Things took an even more morbid turn last Sunday on ABC’s Revenge. Amanda Clarke (aka Emily Thorne) paid her final respects to the closest person she had left on earth — Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke).  Still with me? If you don’t watch the show, the two did some time in Juvy together and eventually switched identities so that Amanda could fulfill her lifelong dream of destroying the Grayson family. Emily’s eulogy put a final nail in Amanda’s coffin (pun intended).  Props to Emily VanCamp and Margarita Levieva for being our favorite case of mistaken identity.  RIP Amanda Clarke.  We will pour a little out for you this weekend.

2.  Let’s get this party (kick)started.  While established actors and producers raising money from fans to make a movie is hard to wrap your mind around at first, if it is going to happen we are glad it’s to bring back a show (and character) as epic as Veronica Mars.  It was cancelled far before it’s time — with a final episode that had us wishing for Veronica and Logan to end up in a church with Lilly, Lamb and the whole gang waiting.  Surely, we can all chip in a few bucks to get our happy ending… The joke is on us if she’s still with Piz.  Does Kickstarter offer refunds?

3. Girl(s) Problems.  Marnie is a hot mess and we LOVE it!  All the characters on HBO’s Girls have their own issues this season.  We’ve been appreciating Allison Williams’ portrayal of a once-composed twentysomething who just no longer has her shit together. She crashes her ex-boyfriends work party with an awkward and catchy completely unselfconscious rendition of Kanye West’s “Stronger.”  While Charlie’s hipster co-workers were making like Hannah and bleeding from the ears, we thought it was spot on. Perfect comic relief in an episode full of images we just cannot unsee.

4.  The Season of Caroline.  I think a good chunk of The Vampire Diaries fans would agree that in Season 1 Caroline had the screen presence of a blood bag.  Now, in Season 4, Caroline is absolutely compelling (ba dump bump).  She makes Stefan scenes less like watching paint dry at a pity party, and she makes us feel less creepy for finding a raging sociopath attractive.  Don’t feel guilty for all those dirty thoughts about Klaus, Caroline. After last night’s episode, we are all having them.

5.  Valkyrie on top.  If you are not watching Lost Girl on SyFy, you should be.  With a character like Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) joining the action, there is no better time to start than right now — or a couple weeks ago.  While Tamsin has been around delivering scathing one-liners since the start of the third season, this week, amidst a bizarre Alice in Wonderland-like quest, she showed why her character might be everyone’s new favorite Fae.  We have a feeling her connection to Bo is going to be…complicated, but a badass valkyrie anti-hero with a sharp wit and even sharper claws — bring it on.