Thoughts from a Veronica Mars FanGirl

By Cara

I didn’t want my first post to be something akin to ‘omg, I’m an obsessed Veronica Mars fangirl!!!’ — but here I am, admitting to being an obsessed Veronica Mars fangirl. Yes, that’s me, watching reruns on SOAPNet on Saturday afternoons even though I own the DVDs and feel ambivalent about the third (and last) season. Maybe I secretly hoped that in some way, somehow it would come back and resolve itself, nicely wrapped up in a big, red bow.

Just a little rundown of the show before I jump into my lovefest. Veronica Mars is a high school student in the fictional town of Neptune, CA.  At the end of the school year prior to the start of the series her best friend Lilly Kane was murdered. Veronica’s father, Keith, was the sheriff at the time and tried to pin the murder on Lilly’s father.  He was ousted from his job because the Kanes are rich and powerful… oh, and another man (Abel Koonz) had confessed to the murder. Now Keith is a PI and Veronica helps him solve cases, but in her downtime she uses these PI skills to figure out who actually killed Lilly Kane.

So how easy was it for me to get hooked? The Dandy Warhols’ song in the opening credits pulled me in, Kristen Bell kept me watching, and the season-long arc of ‘who killed Lilly Kane?’ made me start recording episodes (yes, using a VCR). Kristen Bell got even better with each episode; her confidence kept growing, and she became a force to be reckoned with. Amanda Seyfried brought Lilly to life and you kept hoping at the end of the first season that Lilly would find a way to stick around. And finally, the love triangle between Veronica, Logan and Duncan was a constant battle, but Jason Dohring is the reason I will be on Team Logan 4 life.

When I jumped on Twitter Wednesday morning and saw Kristen Bell tweet about a potential Veronica Mars movie, I was giddy with excitement. The concept was amazing: have the fans back the project. And only $2 million needed? The pot was already up to $400,000 when I jumped on the bandwagon. And I probably would have given money even if I wasn’t promised a t-shirt, a digital copy of the film and a DVD. Because the show is just that good. It was the only reason I knew UPN was a channel (R.I.P. UPN). And Kristen Bell is all kinds of awesome. She’s the only reason I bother with House of Lies. I watch her in that show and I just keep thinking ‘oh she’s so much better when her name is Veronica and she’s solving cases and kissing Logan’. OMG. I. Can’t. Wait. For this movie.