Keeping up with Lord Disick

By Kyle

While the Kardashian sisters spent the last episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami engaging in a sibling rivalry that made me grateful for my only child status, it was Lord Disick that kept me glued to my television. Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy (aka ‘BD’) is the only reason why I “keep up” with the Kardashian family.  Most people would agree that Scott is an egotistical, shallow pig that only thinks about money and fame.  Even though that might have been the case in the past, lately on screen, his humor outshines the ‘blahness’ of yet another scripted Kardashian sister conversation. In Sunday night’s episode, the girls leave for London, while Scott stays in Miami to introduce “The Lord” to the United States.

“Let the trumpets sound and the townspeople cheer.  The lord is here!”

Last season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott and Rob (the only Kardashian brother) ventured across the pond on a publicity tour. While in London, Scott decided to begin the process of becoming a Lord, which must be pretty simple because it only took about three minutes of on-air time. Scott, who is not one to shy away from the media, consistently calls himself Lord Disick (LD for short) on Twitter, in magazines, and whenever Kris Jenner allows him onscreen. Therefore, we waited with bated breath after the announcement of the Lord’s introduction, which of course took place on E!.

Like most things Kardashian, the ball fell short of my expectations. Although he did fly in a butler from the UK, it looked like only a handful of guests (I think six) showed up.  However, nothing stops the Lord from a great party and even better ratings. He decides to return to maniac Scott (remember the $100 bill in the waiter’s mouth?), ransacks the house, orders people around, and even slides down his son’s bed (yes, Mason has a slide attached to his bed). His crazy antics, however, were only a façade that was gone by morning. Lonely Scott flies to London to reunite with his family, who he missed so much, and he admits on-air that he regrets ever claiming to want his responsibility-free days again.  Did Kourtney write this episode?  It ends with Kourtney, Scott and Mason riding the Eye, having a family moment and, of course, wearing crowns — Leaving the audience wondering, maybe the new, calmer Scott no longer drives up the ratings as much as the Kardashian girls attention-seeking antics, but is that a bad thing?