Throwback Thursday Goes Back to the Creek

By Amanda Festa and Kyle Leahy

Dawson's Creek

For our first Throwback Thursday, let us take you back to the year 1998 to a little shore town called Capeside. Contributors Kyle and Amanda were Dawson’s Creek fans from the beginning, but that’s where their commonality ends. This Thursday, we dive headfirst into the Creek — with our favorite memories of the seaside town, it’s well-spoken residents, and one of the best teen love triangles of our generation.

PaceyKYLE:  This Throwback Thursday, I’m traveling back to 2000, when a boy and girl shared a dance at the Anti-Prom. Although Joey and Pacey had many great moments together on and off camera, this season three scene was pivotal in why Joey ultimately chose Pacey over Dawson. The episode culminated into the realization that Joey would eventually need to make a choice between her best friend Dawson Leery and resident troublemaker Pacey Witter. Even Dawson said it best (and I don’t give him credit for much) that Joey couldn’t have both. In this episode, Joey, feeling guilty for lying to Dawson, decides to go to the Anti-Prom with him instead of Pacey. However, the best part of the night is when Pacey asks Joey to dance. It’s his last shot to win the girl, and he does it beautifully. When he notices Joey’s bracelet being her deceased mother’s, even Dawson fans had chills when he said “I remember everything.” There was no way after that episode that Joey wasn’t going to pick Pacey.

DawsonAMANDA:  The show is called Dawson’s Creek — not “Let Your Best Friend Swoop in and Steal your Girl” Creek.  Trust me, my allegiance has nothing to do with James Van Der Beek’s penchant for SAT words, Steven Spielberg, and sweater vests.  Personally, I would be writing “I heart Pacey” all over my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. Yet, the relationship between Dawson and Joey was so well done in the first season, that once they added Pacey to the mix I was already too invested in the original teen romance.  The moment that solidified my love of the Joey and Dawson dynamic was The Breakfast Club throwback episode — “Detention.”  The main crew (Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey) are all sentenced to Saturday detention alongside troublemaker Abby.  Things get messy when Pacey dares Joey and Dawson to kiss, exposing Joey’s hidden (and yet elephant-in-the-room obvious) feelings.  That kiss is one for the record books — and a catalyst for Dawson coming to terms with his own feelings.  One could argue, it shouldn’t have taken him so long, and she’s better off with Pacey — but that person won’t be me.  Dawson and Joey 4 Eva.