True Showmance – The Top 10 Most Memorable Reality TV Couples

By Amanda Festa

In the early days of reality TV — you know, when strangers were chosen to live in a house and have their lives taped — it was a social experiment in exploring human differences. Now it has become a social experiment in exploring communicable diseases and making out under strategically placed blankets. The reality TV show romance — the “showmance” if you will — was bound to happen. Find enough young, attractive type A personalities and throw them in a house together without television, internet or inhibitions — and add a hot tub for good measure. If you want to play dirty, as in the case of Big Brother, don’t provide enough beds for all the house guests to have their own. I’m sure there are contestants who will make out with someone for less than a good night’s sleep.

If done correctly, a showmance can be a very lucrative career move.  Many of the below couples have turned up on “All-Star” seasons — regardless of whether or not they were actually “All-Star” players on their own.  And if you feel your fifteen minutes slipping away, may I suggest a wedding special?  Free swag, a designer dress, and a surefire way to make next season of The Amazing Race.  And, if all else fails, who knows, you may at least get a lasting relationship out of the deal.   Continue reading