In Defense of the “Bad” Vampire

By Amanda Festa

SpikeI don’t know what has happened in recent years. It appears that the supernatural community has gotten together in an effort to overhaul their dodgy reputation with a brooding emotionally damaged poster boy.  But guess what, I don’t recall Dracula whining to Mina Harker about how he’s so sorry for all of the unnecessary deaths and really wants to change.

If the memo got lost somewhere between Transylvania and Mystic Falls, here it is:  Vampires are bad. By definition.  And still we are bombarded with these vampire characters put into boxes. They are vampires, they are all bad.  It is in their undead DNA to drink human blood. It doesn’t come in cartons.  And pigs’ blood is like soy milk – you can totally tell the difference. Continue reading

A Love Letter to La Femme Nikita

Nikita and MichaelBy Amanda Festa

My love of television was first solidified in high school with a show called La Femme Nikita — the original (adaptation of the French film) not the CW remake (of the television show adapted from the French film).  Back then the internet for television aficionados consisted of America Online chat rooms and a handful of Angelfire and Geocities fan-run websites.  With no DVR, no social media, and a download speed that would be laughable to teenagers today, I believe this will be my generation’s “walking to school barefoot uphill both ways.”
Continue reading

HBO’s GIRLS — a refreshing look at “sex and the city”

by Amanda Festa

HBO’s award-winning comedy, Girls,  has everything I look for in a television show.  It is smartly written, raucously witty and excruciatingly relatable.  It is a startlingly refreshing comedy in both its dry humor and acerbic social commentary. Yet, because its premise involves four single gals living in New York City, it has quickly drawn comparisons to HBO’s other female-centric comedy, Sex and the City.   Continue reading