5 Things We Loved This Week – Wk. of April 21, 2013

The Originals

1. The Originals has Daddy Issues.  MTV’s Teen Moms, you think you have problems because your baby daddy has a new girlfriend and doesn’t buy the diapers on time?  Meet Niklaus Mikaelson.  He doesn’t have a job or a car either, but he does have direction in life… although it points straight towards crazytown.  Now, werewolf Haley is with cub and child support is the least of her problems.  What he lacks in parenting skills, he makes up for with adorable smirks, but is that enough?  It looks like Klaus fans will get to find out.  After it’s pilot aired during The Vampire Diaries this Thursday, the Mikaelson family-centric spin-off The Originals has been picked up to series! We cannot wait to see more antics from Klaus.  And, yes, Elijah, we have heard of you.

2. Dinner Party Etiquette with the RHOC.  When will each Real Housewives franchise learn that having a dinner party with people that hate each other will only end in disaster? I know this isn’t really a possibility because they are on a reality show together, and, more importantly, Bravo executives would never allow it. Also the women can’t afford to say no. This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney hosts a dinner party at her new fitness studio, Cut Fitness. In the beginning of the episode, Vicki, her estranged friend, calls Tamra to see if Alexis, Tamra’s arch-nemesis, could also come to the party. Now why did Vicki do this? And it’s only a dinner party for around 10 people, so why does Alexis need to bring a friend? Also, why did Tamra even say yes? Did Bravo orchestrate this whole thing? It just seems very unrealistic for a woman who is starting her own company to invite one person she hates and another woman she doesn’t know. The end result— the party was a total disaster with Tamra kicking Alexis out and screaming that she is “Done.”  It wouldn’t take a psychic to see that one coming.  Although, if you ask the RHOBH, it couldn’t hurt either!

3. Hart of Dixie gets Renewed! Suck it, Carrie Diaries.  Hart of Dixie is here to stay…at least for one more season.  As hardcore supporters of Wade’s abs Wade and Zoe, the second half of season two has been a bit trying on our nerves ever since they broke up.  The show may be corny and predictable at times, but what separated it from the pack was the dynamic between the city doctor and the small town bartender. While this could have played out like a stereotypical “opposites attract” scenario, it didn’t.  Zoe, a character who had her life figured out, complete with an image of the person she should be with (George), was challenged by Wade, who called her “dream life” into question.  In a world of television shows full of supposed “soulmates,” we dig the Wade/Zoe pairing and have been dreading news of the show’s cancellation, because that would surely mean no happy ending for our favorites, who haven’t shared much screen time lately.  But we can breathe easy now, because we feel a reconciliation coming on in season three.

4. “The money is in the banana stand.”  In one short month the Bluth family will be back on our television screens (if you have a Netflix account.) Season 4 of Arrested Development will premiere on Netflix on May 26, with all 15 new episodes debuting at the same time. The show went off the air in 2006 so it has been a long time coming for AD fans. What have the characters been up to the last seven years? If the wait is too long for you, then feel free to catch up on the past seasons on Netflix. STEVE HOLT!

5. Elementary Schooled.  Ever since he married Angelina Jolie the 1995 film Hackers, we have been huge fans of Johnny Lee Miller.  He may no longer have as much hair, but he is still as charismatic, quirky and adorable in Elementary as he was hooking up computer equipment to payphones in the classic 90’s flick.  A fresh spin on Sherlock Holmes, Miller plays a recovering drug addict who solves crimes alongside his female partner, Joan Watson. While we love all incarnations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic, we think this new reboot provides a fresh take on a classic, unique enough to stand on its own, while also paying homage to the original. Showrunner Rob Doherty remains adamant that nothing romantic will happen between Sherlock and Joan, but are we the only ones who think you can cut that sexual tension with a  Calabash pipe?